Please read before making a reservation.

  • * To ensure a pleasant dining experience for all of our customers the restaurant prohibits smoking.
  • * Any special requests will be considered in the case of 2 or more customers. Reservations must be five or more days in advance. Make reservations by phone.
  • * All cancellations or change in the number of guests must be made by phone at least one day in advance. Same day cancellations will be charged the entire cost of the meal ordered.
  • * Same day changes of menu will not be honored, so please make any changes more than one day in advance.
  • * For both lunch and dinner, only changes to an entrée already ordered by another member of the party may be made.

Reservations by phone

* If the party is more than nine people or there are any special requests, please make your reservation or request by phone.

TEL. +81-742-36-6668

Reservations by internet


* If more than nine, reserve by phone.


* If there is no seating available your reservation will be denied.




* We will call to confirm the reservation, so a valid cell phone number is required.


A confirmation email will be sent so make sure the address is correct.

If you have any requests or any allergy problems please let us know ahead of time. Thank-you.

(Internet reservations privacy policy)

UOGIN receives various types of private information from our customers. We value the importance of this information and have instituted a rigorous information security system to protect our customers privacy. The security measures we have taken are as follows:

Strict adherence to the law

When handling customers“ private information we adhere strictly to the law regarding personal information as well as the guideline and policy determined by the Competent Minister.

Parameters of use

Any personal information obtained from our customers, with the exception of legal cases, is used only with their permission for the purpose of guidance or business-related communication.

Safety Management

All personal information that we receive is used exclusively for the purpose it was obtained. It is updated to contain the latest content, and the highest level of security procedures available are used to protect it from any improper access, mishandling or illegal disclosure.

Third party disclosure

No disclosure of personal information to a third party is done without the express consent of the individual.

Disclosure request and respect for customers“ rights

In the event that any customer requests disclosure of his or her personal information, corrections or deletions or refusal of use or supply of such information, we promise to respect and comply with the individual“s request.


Any inquiries related to the handling of personal information may be directed here.
“Contact for handling of personal information”


2-207-1-111 Higashi Ikoma, Ikoma City, Nara 630-0213