Seasonal fresh fish and ingredients from Nara
Glossy rice cooked with Okudo
Satisfy your senses with Japanese cuisine


About Uogin

Cooking, rice and local sake
Satisfied with famous pottery.
Luxurious adult time

A cooking area and seats are arranged so that you can enjoy the sound and steam during cooking as if it were live. The dishes are carefully selected so that you can taste the dishes with your eyes, and the dishes are selected from famous potters. Please enjoy the shime rice in a tea bowl made by the owner.



With seasonal delicious fish
Course meal of local ingredients
Freshly polished rice

Fish is purchased at the market every morning, and seasonal seafood is also sent directly from fishermen nationwide. Seasonal course menus are prepared every month using local Nara Yamato beef and Yamato vegetables. The climax of the course is a plump and glossy rice cooked in pairs by Okudosan.